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  Site Specific wallpapers are created individually to fit each location. They can be made to any size.

There are two main collections:

'The hothouse flowers collection'

Duffin Orange Lillies
Orange Lilies

Site Specific Wallpapers - Orange Lily
Orange Lily
Site Specific Wallpapers - White Orchid
White Orchid
Site Specific Wallpapers - Magenta Orchid
Magenta Orchid

Pink Orchid

Site Specific Wallpapers - Pink Orchid
Pink Orchid
Site Specific Wallpapers - Apple Blossom Yellow
Apple Blossom Yellow
Site Specific Wallpapers - Apple Blossom Pink
Apple Blossom Pink
Site Specific Wallpapers - Retro Rose
Retro Rose
White Lillies
White Lillies
Double Orchid
Double Orchid
Pink Lillies
Pink Lillies

'The Spatial Graphics Collection'


A brilliant new collection of Site Specific designs, created to fill the entire wall space with a single graphic image.

There are four main images in the Spatial Graphics Collection

Site Specific Wallpapers - Indent Site Specific Wallpapers - Swerve Site Specific Wallpapers - Square Crazy Site Specific Wallpapers - Zig Zag
Indent Swerve Square Crazy Zig Zag


Each Site Specific design is individually created and made to fit in a specific wall area.

We need approximate dimensions to give you an approximate quotation. The price depends partly on size and partly on the design work on an individual project. Depending on location we may be able to make a site visit to advise or measure. We can supply you with visual information of how the design will look on the wall before you go ahead.

Despite their fragile beauty Site Specific papers are extremely tough and resilient to wear and tear. They have a water resistant surface, making them appropriate for both domestic and contract use.

Our specialist paperhanger is available to hang Site Specific wallpapers in the Greater London area, but these papers can be hung by your professional paperhanger without difficulty. We supply full instructions. A strong ready mix wallpaper adhesive should be used.

Irrespective of size, Site Specific wallpapers are supplied as several roll lengths, which together make up the design. The roll lengths overlap for trimming.

If your project requires something completely unique we can create a special design. Please see the section on Interior Space - Designs to commission.

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