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Hothouse Flowers at the.gallery@oxo Exhibition by Jane Gordon Clark
The Oxo Tower is a well loved London landmark on the South Bank between the London Eye and Tate Modern. We held our hothouse flowers exhibition there during May, and we were extremely pleased with the very positive response from the large number of visitors.

The Exhibition showed Jane's complete Site Specific collection of very large scale images of orchids, lilies and other botanical subjects, presented as framed and mounted pictures
Designers are easily able to visualise them as wallpapers, and can commission them for individual projects, made to each clients dimensions. Clients see it as a way of capturing the dramatic effect of the Site Specific wallpaper, but in a transportable form.The postcards we are sending you are two images from the collection. If you missed the exhibition and would like to see the whole collection just look at the exhibition website www.hothouse-flowers.com
Art Deco
A fashionable style of the moment, Art Deco has been highlighted this summer by the amazing exhibition at the V & A. IDFX was one of many magazines featuring Art Deco......

Ghislaine Wood, curator of the V & A's exhibition, argues that art deco has provided inspiration since the Eighties. That is because people love decoration, and art deco devised a modern kind of decoration in its machine aesthetic, which still looks contemporary.

Jane Gordon Clark of wallpaper company Ornamenta agrees, attributing its continuing influences to the fact that many designers adopt the same geometrical order as that found in art deco pieces. "We like the same clean, fresh, sharp look, the graphic, often angular style".
Moving on....
In January of this year we moved from our showroom in Chelsea Harbour to The Ornamenta Studio in South Kensington. We now see designers by appointment and really enjoy working with you on special projects, so if you have an idea which needs developing do call us.
If you would like a copy of the Site Specific brochure, our Handprinted wallpaper brochure or more information, please contact Katie at - Ornamenta - Tel: 020 7591 0077 Fax: 020 7591 0055 Email: enquiries@ornamenta.co.uk Website: www.ornamenta.co.uk

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