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Springtime Marigold Wallpaper

This lovely paper, with its creamy white textured surface, has a romantic
story to tell. Made entirely by hand from a mulch of mulberry bark, the
petals and leaves which decorate its surface are picked in the early morning while still damp with dew. They are gently laid on to the paper so that they become incorporated in the surface when it dries. Perfectly natural, Springtime Marigold brings a breath of the outdoors into the interior. It looks pretty hung in the conventional way all round the room, or equally charming on just one wall.

Since this unique paper won the Best New Wallcovering Award at London Design Week 2002 it has aroused huge interest amongst designers.

Jane Gordon Clark's hothouse flowers collection will be
opening at the NOBILIS furniture showroom during London Design Week 2004. These beautiful botanical images can also be commissioned as Site Specific wallpapers, where a single image is individually made to fill an entire wall.

Ornamenta's hand printed wallpapers - 21 Collections of inspired designs
which are fast becoming contemporary classics.This is Checkmate, printed in 10 subtle light reflecting colourways, which bring life and luminosity to the wall. Some areas seem to absorb light, while others glow with a soft lustre. It is this spectrum of tonal values which creates the textural effect of the design.

We are always pleased to see you at our studio, where we can create unique designs for your project. Do call us to discuss your plans.

If you would like a copy of our brochure, or more information please contact Katie at - Ornamenta - Tel: 020 7591 0077 Fax: 020 7591 0055 Email :

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