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Site Specific Wallpapers may be made to your own design. We can create an image for your own particular project and transform it rolex replica in a way which turns something simple into a decoration which is uniquely beautiful. Anything is possible. Our designer, Jane Gordon Clark can suggest an idea, or you can propose a concept for us to develop. You can choose from landscapes, historic paintings and frescoes, city skylines, seascapes, architecture, or whatever your imagination allows. Some examples of recent commissions can be seen below:

Peter Robert Berry

This mural image was chosen by a client to hang in his Alpine chalet. It was enlarged from a small picture by Robert Berry, and shows the artist being taken to his painting hut up the mountain, complete with piano and huge canvas.

Orange Theatre

Orange Theatre

A client with a large blank wall in Clerkenwell wanted an image of the Roman Theatre in Orange. We researched the best transparency, scanned it and then manipulated the image so it would work on the wall. Columns needed straightening and electrical equipment had to be artworked out. Now it makes a stunning backdrop and the Roman Emperor Augustus reigns supreme in his niche above the sofas.

Orange Theatre

Cherry Blossom

Using the client's own cherry blossom photograph taken on holiday in Japan, Ornamenta manipulated the 35mm negative supplied to replica watches create a striking, impressionist backdrop for the client's bathroom.

Steel & Glass

Steel & Glass

This architectural image was commissioned by Bang & Olufsen and Royal Auping to create a loft style bedroom. The paper was hung on a curved wall to further the illusion of depth.

Batman & Robin

A spectacular project to decorate the show flat in a newly restored and refurbished 1950's tower block in central London was undertaken by Lifestyles Interiors. Thier brief was to take inspiration from the period of the building and create a luxury apartment for dynamic urban professionals.

Albert Bridge

Albert Bridge

Commissioned for the Decorex 2002 exhibition, this powerful image filled a huge space 10 metres wide and 3 metres high, making an eye catching focal point behind the Chelsea Bar. Printing on such a grand scale captures the essence of this much loved London landmark.

Mughal Palace

Mughal Palace

A romantic holiday in India inspired these clients to ask if we could recreate one of their holiday photographs as a wallpaper. It covers an entire wall in their house.

A Renaissance Masterpiece

In 1459 Benozzo Gozzoli painted a fresco around the walls of the chapel in the Medici Palace in Florence. We were asked to recreate this procession through the Tuscan landscape in our client's London dining room. The result is a spectacular testimony to their inspired idea, filling the room with life and colour.

We are frequently asked to create Site Specific wallpapers from an idea inspired by our clients. This sometimes presents a problem if the photograph is of poor quality, but we can work on anything and make a beautiful image. This was a snap taken on safari by a client in the 1960's, so the quality was not perfect. However, with manipulation we created something which has the colour variation and subtlety of an impressionist painting.

Kitchen Splashback

A new idea is to use one of our collection images as a splashback in the kitchen. In this situation we print on a heavy duty vinyl canvas substrate with a textured surface which is tough and practical.

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