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Two years ago we launched our Site Specific wallpaper with very large scale images of orchids. They fill the wall with a dazzling display of colour and instantly became a huge success. It was a new idea in wall decoration, more like art than wallpaper. Since then many of our clients have asked us to create the same idea in a transportable form, so they can take it with them when they move.

All the hothouse flowers collection is available in this format.

Madison Square is our newest wallpaper design. The giant squares are hand printed with a richly textured surface in a mixture of light reflecting inks, creating a play of light across the wall, without a sense of constant repetition. It comes in a wonderful range of colours from this dazzling pink, to the easy-to-use soft and muted shades of ivory and beige, and some combine with golds and silvers to add richness and depth.

Designers keep coming back for one of our most successful wallpapers - Belshazzar Stripe, because it works equally well in both contemporary and traditional settings. It is a very wide hand printed strié, divided with either a silver or gold line. It can be hung horizontally, as here, or vertically in the conventional way. Both add an elegance and distinction to the walls.

We are always pleased to see you at our studio, where we can create unique designs for your project. Do call to discuss your plans.

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