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Hot House Flowers art works

The images are presented as art works, designed to hang as large scale pictures, making a dramatic focal point to the room. This collection was first shown at the OXO Tower Gallery, South Bank, London, in May 2004. To see more information, go to 'Exhibitions'.

"I am intrigued by the sculptural qualities of certain flowers, when their petals create interesting abstract shapes in a composition. Examining them very closely reveals a subtle variation of colour and tone, which I can capture using computer technology.

This gives me a colour palette of great richness and intensity, combined with the ability to control the composition in much the same way as when I am painting traditionally with a paintbrush."

The images have a stunning three dimensional appearance, seeming to move towards the viewer from the surface of the wall.

Each image is signed by Jane Gordon Clark, and presented mounted and box framed. The pictures can also be supplied for the client to mount and frame (for themselves). (Prices from £750 - £2500)

1.2m x 80cm
1.2m x 1.2m
1.2m x 2.3cm

Artworks can also be sized to individual order

Orange Lillies
Site Specific Wallpapers - Magenta Orchid
Magenta Orchid

Retro Rose
Site Specific Wallpapers - Pink Orchid
Pink Orchid

White Orchid

Apple Blossom Pink

Pink Lillies

Apple Blossom Yellow

Double Orchid

White Lillies

Purple Orchids

Garnet Lillies

Garnet Lillies
The Hurlingham Club in South West London recently commissioned three hothouse flowers images from Jane Gordon Clark to hang in their stunning new Palm Court. This huge contemporary reception room was decorated by Mary Fox Linton and provides a spacious backdrop for Jane's striking pictures.

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